About us

About us

I Vinayaka Sai Charan is a journalist, I have completed my MA Journalism at Osmania University. I like to serve society and I want to show the society what journalism exactly means. With that aim, I started my career in 2015 at that time I was pursuing my Bachelor degree in Journalism and Political Science. I worked in a news channel as a PCR operator and it is a news and entertainment channel. In 2016 I have shifted to another channel and worked as a PCR and Programme Producer, it is a devotional channel, In 2017 I have worked in another channel as a Programme Producer, it is a Devotional channel. I have completed my MA in Journalism in 2017 at Osmania University. In 2018 I have worked as a sub-editor in a national channel for one year. But in all the places I have worked I id not see nay salary growth, seeing that I have decided to set up my own business, so I have started News is here, Food is here, Samskruthi is here, Kirak Chicha, Tutorial is here, Zakup street, Health is here. All my Youtube channels have Instagram pages, Facebook pages, I cover all the topics on Youtube channels 

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Here is a list of all the channels 

News is here / charan news – It covers all the news items, regular updates, State news, National news, 

Samskruthi is here- It covers all the topics related to the Bhakti

Food is here / charans food- It covers all the topics related to food 

Kirak chicha- It is purely an entertainment channel

Tutorial is here- In this, you can see the information about all the courses that you want to learn

Health is here- It covers all the topics related to health

Zakupstreet- it is an online store, here you can buy any product, we review the products here