Citizenship Amendment Bill passed in Rajya Sabha

  • Citizenship Bill Rajya Sabha Test
  • Citizenship Amendment Bill Passed: In favour: 125, Against 105
  •  Rajya Sabha passes CAB
  • Contention Citizenship Bill passed
  • Rajya Sabha passes Citizenship Amendment Bill
  • After LS, the upper house passes CAB

Citizenship amendment bill: The bill amends the citizenship act, 1955. All migrants other than Muslims eligible for citizenship. Migrants must be from Bangladesh, Afganistan, Pakistan. Bill enables citizenship by naturalisation. Bill relaxes the 11-year requirement to 6 years. 

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Amit Shah: No Muslim in India needs to worry because of Citizenship Bill. do you want us to grant citizenship to Muslims from all nations? We cannot run a country like that. Bill is only persecuted people from 3 nations. We made our intentions with the citizenship bill clear in our manifesto. We want to assure the northeastern states that we protect their culture. Ethnic identity and social identity. 


Anand Sharma: Home Minister blamed Congress for partition without proof. Home Minister should keep politics out of Parliament. Congress never supported India’s partition. History cannot be changed according to this government. We respect public mandate. We must all follow the constitution. No manifesto is over the constitution of the country. Protests have erupted across Assam. Home Minister should go visit detention centres. 


JP Nadda: this bill will bring relief to lakhs. The essence of the bill is to protect minorities. Minorities in other countries are a majority here. 


Derek O’Brien: December is an auspicious month of Bengalis. This bill is Anti-India and anti-Bengalis. We don’t need lessons in nationalism.


Kapil Sibal: 2 nation theory proposed by Savarkar. Congress believes in one nation. BJP trying to change the nature of the Constitution.

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