Delhi Police blames 4 Left groups

Delhi Police blames 4 Left groups
  • Delhi Police blames 4 Left groups

Delhi police revealed the suspects caught on the CCTV camera. This was the first investigation by Delhi police after the masked unidentified people entered the JNU campus and attacked 34 people including lecturers and teachers. 

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Addressing a press conference, Delhi police said that it has identified students who were involved in the violence and said the CCTV footage was not available with them, as the footage was vandalised before the day. The police have identified some people based on viral videos. 

The student’s so far identified by the police were Aishe Ghosh, Vikas Patel, Pankaj Mishra, Yogendra Bhardwaj, Chunchun Kumar, Priya Ranjan, Sucheta Talukdar, Dolan Samanata.

The police officer who is heading the SIT, said the unrest began on 3rd January, the SFI and other three groups tampered the server and due to this, registrations were stopped and a large number of students want to register and some people were not allowing the process.

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