Delhi police identify masked women, She tells not me

Delhi police identify masked women in the video that went viral on social media, the police asked her to join the probe but she didn’t turn up. The police also asked other two people to join the probe, the two people said that they will join the probe and later their phones were switched off

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The identified Masked woman, who attacked students and lecturers on January 5, approached the National Commission for woman and said that the women in the video that got viral was not her. After hearing the news she got so many calls from her relatives and friends, who expressed their dismay. 

A total of 60 people were a part of the WhatsApp group, police traced thirty seen people and sent them notices to join the probe 

A group of masked people who entered into the JNU campus on 5 January attacked students and lecturers, 34 people were injured in the attack, 3 lecturers were injured in the attack.   


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