Economy getting active now : PM Modi on mann ki Baat

Economy getting active now : PM Modi on mann ki Baat

Economy getting active now : PM Modi on mann ki Baat


Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation at 11 AM this morning as part of his monthly radio programme, ‘Mann Ki Baat’. PM Modi’s 64th edition of ‘Mann Ki Baat’ comes in the wake of Covid-19 lockdown 5.0, which will begin on Monday.  In his address, the Prime Minister highlighted that the people of India should now be even more careful in their fight against the corona virus menace as the economy is gradually being reopened.

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Here are the highlights from PM Modi’s “Mann Ki Baat”:

* Last time when I spoke, passenger, air travel were shut. Now all due restrictions have been lifted.

* We need to follow all COVID-19 protocols more sincerely from now.

* We face lot of challenges, yet we have been able to keep corona in check compared to other countries with lesser populations

* We Indians have shown that service and sacrifice are a way of life. People who work for others do not face problems,. Service rendered by doctors, police office is very noteworthy. I have acknowledged their contributions before as well.

* All those who are working for society I respect them. One more thing that touched my mind is the innovation by our friends.

* The victory over Corona will depend on innovations. A vaccine for the virus has not yet been developed. Poor, shramik workers have suffered the most.

* Our friends in railways, centre, states are working day and night. Railways officials are in a way corona warriors

* The recent steps taken by centre will ensure a aatma nirbhar bharat

* It is human nature to move from darkness to light. People are taking the leadership of initiatives in their own hands

* Everyone is now working on their resolve towards “Make in India”

* Sudip from Assam has resolved to take his bamboo product globally

* I want to share a secret today – Most of the international leaders have interest towards Yoga and Ayurveda

* Everywhere people want to know more about yoga and ayurveda

* Friends Yoga is important in corona times as it has lot of asanas to build stronger respiratory system.

* AYUSH ministry has launched a competition for people to send their 3-minute video on yoga. I appeal  to you all to take part in the competition.

* Our poor brothers worry about their health. For this, we had developed Ayush Bharat Yojana

* I want to tell you that over 1 crore beneficiaries are getting free treatment and the Ayushman Bharat scheme .

* Ayushman Bharat has also provided the issue of portability. A man from place where there is lack of proper healthcare, can get treatment in another state

* When a poor gets cured, he gets the courage to fight poverty. Our honest taxpayer are also a reason for their smiles

* Bengal and Odisha has bravely faced cyclone Amphan.

* Locusts have shown how a small insect can create havoc across states. Adopting new innovations, I am confident we will be able to fight it.

* On June 5, we celebrate world environment day.

* Many people have took to social media saying that they were able to see mountain kms away after decades. We have to save every drop of water. There are many ways to save water. Water that stays for 5-7 days will go to earth and improve water table

* I request you to plant more trees on environment day. Don’t forget to store water for birds.

* We should not be careless in our fight against corona. We have to continue to follow social distancing and other protocols.

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