Essential is the new normal – charan news

Essential is the new normal - charan news

Essential is the new normal


It’s been one week since I visited the grocery store.

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It’s been a fortnight since I touched my laptop.

It’s been more than a month since I wrote a report.

It’s been more than two months since I went on a long drive.


Less than three months ago, statements like these might have awed any typical reader. But now, these are not fancy statements any longer. These are meant to be nothing more than mere diary entries.

From dawn till dusk and more than often dusk till dawn, we were used to being on the move. From home to workplace to hangouts to sightseeing, our wheels knew no rest for decades. We knew we need rest, but we wouldn’t wait. We knew we need to stay back, but we wouldn’t stop. Climate activists have been shouting their throats out but we wouldn’t heed. After all the chaos that we got so used to, we were at once pushed into silence.

Silence, that is so serene that we could not manage to face it. Silence, that was so consuming that we could not stand it. Silence, that fought the chaos within us like a true warrior in a battlefield. By the end of this serene war, it depends on us to declare the actual winner. Can we for once let silence win over chaos?

After almost three months of solitude, it is time we open our doors and walk out into the world that we once couldn’t stay away from. If silence has truly won us over during its reign of our hearts, then we are not going to let the same us walk out of our homes as the one that entered it. Essential is the new normal. Every time we set foot outside, we need to wait and think if the journey ahead is essential or not. Walk, we shall, if our task is so pressing. If not, we shall stay back. Besides, it is not so scaring to stay home as we once perceived it might be.

We all had been that foodie that travels fifty kilometres once in a week to eat at a prominent eatery. We all had been that travel maniac that goes on long rides just to feel the wind hit hard on our faces. We all had been that illogical employee that shuttles hundreds of kilometres between workplace and residence for reasons god knows what.

Now that we are pushed into the solitude of the four walls of our homes, it is time we think about the implications that we thus create on the environment around. if we love breeze, we can always walk or bicycle on a green fenced road. We don’t have to pollute the very breeze that we boast to love like life for that. If we love to eat, we might as well love to cook and if we love our neighbourhood, we might as well find a better job in the same locality.

This pandemic has taught us many lessons, one of which is, “When it all comes to end, we know nothing was really as important as life”. To live and let live is all we can do as humans. So let us take a break and begin our journey anew. Because, to live, every step counts big.


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