Filmstars and political leaders condemn JNU attack

  • Filmstars and political leaders condemn JNU attack

Violence erupts in JNU on Sunday evening when the unknown “goons” attacked Sabarmati hostel and vandalised the property. The unidentified goons who entered the campus attacked 28 students including 3 lecturers, the goons attacked with rods and sticks. JNU student president Aishe Ghosh was also attacked.

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The hundreds of AVBP “goons” entered into the campus around 6:30 pm and attacked students, the JNU students claim that the attack was initiated by RSS -affiliated ABVP. The lights were put off at the time of the attack.

Students of AMU took out a candlelight march, Uddhav Thackrey said the attack on JNU students reminded 26/11 Mumbai terror attack and also compared them to cowards, demanded their identity should be revealed.

Congress president Sonia Gandhi said that the voice of the students, youth bring muzzled every day. Akhilesh Yadav demanded a fair investigation on this issue.

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