Gokul chat owner test positive

Gokul chat owner test positive

Gokul chat owner test positive for COVID-19

Gokul chat owner Vijaya varghi got positive in the test 

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Chat shop closed and workers and staff 20 members were sent to quarantine 

The owner famous eatery Gokul chat at Koti has been tested positive for COVID-19 he 74 and has underlined health conditions, according to health officials, Sources confirmed that he had developed symptoms two days ago and his samples were collected.  

While the source of infection not known, it is suspected that one of his family members working at the eatery had carried the virus home and infected him.

The area has been sealed for public movement barricades have been set up. However, the details of people who have visited the place during this time are also been verified.

It is likely that they may also be advised to be under quarantine for the next few days, confirmed the health officials.

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