Ground Report: The real situation in Andhra Pradesh?

  • The real situation in Andhra Pradesh!

After the bifurcation of the state, Andhra Pradesh state says that they do not have money and the ministers said that the state should be developed from the beginning. Former Chief Minister and TDP president Chandrababu Naidu collected funds and started developing the state. In his term, the first two years passed for planning the layout of the state, in the third year TDP government started constructions in the state, the constructions continued till the fourth year and the election year came again. The TDP leaders started campaigning. 

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In the second term, YSRCP won with a huge majority, it won 151 seats out of 175 seats. The YSRCP government started the development in the state. This time YSRCP government mainly concentrated on the people’s development, AP CM Jagan Mohan Reddy is working for the development of the people. 

AP CM Jagan issued a statement saying that Andhra Pradesh state should have three capitals, some of them supported and some of them opposed. All people are saying farmers opposed, and they are on the strike. The reality is that when our crew personally visited the farmers protest places, we came to know there is someone hand in behind, and we got to know that the farmers are just players in the game, and the whole team is managed by some big people. 

You can get a question, is this website is a supporter of YSRCP party. To be frank we are supporters of the people. We personally saw the situation in the Andhra Pradesh state. 

We are sure that farmers know only how to cultivate the land, but there we saw some interesting things in the protest areas. The first thing is the farmers are not capable of making the placards, which they were holding.  

We went to the main districts, where the protest is going on, we saw that all the farmers were not participating in the strike. We went to the farmers who were farming in their fields. Some of them denied giving interviews. no doubt farmers are protesting but we could not understand what will farmers lose if the state capital is changed. some of them said that after the announcement of the 3 capital, the land rates came down.   

But one thing we noticed in the Jagan government is that Jagan is mainly concentrating on future generations. Jagan wants to give quality education to the children, he also recently ordered to change the food menu in the government schools. AP CM wants to give quality education and food to the children. 


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