India under lockdown- PM Modi Addresses Nation – 1.3 BN to stay home

Narendra Modi speech on coronavirus - PM Narendra Modi unveiled a special economic package worth Rs 20 lakh crore - charan news

India under lockdown- PM Modi Addresses Nation – 1.3 BN to stay home


PM Modi Addresses the nation as COVID-19 cases continue to rise

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PM Modi thanks nation for making Janata Curfew a success

Nation deserves praise for Janata Curfew success: PM Modi 

Even developed nations struggling to contain COVID-19: PM Modi

Social distancing only wat to defeat coronavirus: PM Modi

Need to break the chain of infections: PM Modi

Social distancing for all citizens, even me: PM Modi

Mistake od few can prove costly for the entire nation: PM Modi

Take lockdown seriously: PM Modi

India to be locked down from the midnight: PM Modi

Every state, every district, every village to be lockdown: PM Modi

Lockdown necessary to save lives: PM Modi

All India lockdown for next 21 days: PM Modi 

At least 21 days lockdown needed to break the chain: PM Modi

Virus can spread like wildfire: PM Modi

No matter what, stay at home: PM Modi

I appeal to you with folded hands, stay at home: PM Modi

Pray for Corona warriors: PM Modi

15,000 crore to strengthen health infrastructure: PM Modi 

Funds to be used to buy ventilators and other vital gear: PM Modi

Don’t believe in rumours and superstitions: PM Modi


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