Telangana Municipal Elections: Do rebels play a key role?

Telangana Municipal fight, who will win?

Do rebels play a key role?

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The Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao kept a review meeting and said it is the duty of the ministers to select the correct candidate in the Municipal elections. TRS party assured that they will win most of the seats in the Municipal elections. 

The present situation in the Telangana state seems that the rebels are playing a major role in the Municipal elections, recently on TRS candidate went to TRS party office and asked for the Peerzadiguda Mayor post but they rejected to give him the ticket. 

Then the Congress leader and MP Revanth Reddy went to the leader house and gave him the B-form and asked him to join in the Congress party. The Leader joined the party and Revanth Reddy gave him some of the responsibilities. Speaking on to media Revanth Reddy said that in both Peezadiguda and Boduppal Congress will win. 

After this, TRS decided not to reveal the candidates until January 14, as the filing of nominations ends on that day. TRS is likely to reveal the names on 14th January morning. The fact is that the candidate will not have much time for campaigning. 

In the Municipal elections, TRS and Congress parties are considered as the main contenders. Both the parties opposed the CAA bill. The TRS leaders say that we cannot ignore the Congress party. They have a history of more than a hundred years. We have to wait and see until the results. The Elections will be held on January 22, for 80 lakh voters and the results will be declared on January 25.  


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