TSRTC MD’s Press Release


The announcement of RTC JAC that they will be joining duties from tomorrow is ridiculous. On one hand they say they will continue the strike and on the other, say they will join duties. Nowhere in any Public Sector Undertaking in the country, workers and employees abstaining from duties and joining their duties at their whims and fancies will never happen nor it can be accepted. The RTC employees and workers have abstained from duties on their own and were on an illegal strike. Neither the RTC Management nor the state government asked them to go on strike. They went on an illegal and illogical strike during important festivals like Bathukamma, Dussera and Deepavali and have caused immense inconvenience to the people. The RTC workers and employees are on an illegal strike now.

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As per the directives were given by the High Court, Labour Commissioner will take a suitable decision on the RTC workers strike. Based on the Labour Commissioner’s decision, the RTC Management would act. Everything will be done in tune with the existing Laws and Acts. Till then, everyone should maintain restraint. Till the process as suggested by the High Court is completed, workers who are on illegal strike cannot be taken back on duties. It will not be possible under Acts and rules for the workers who went on strike on their own and to join duties again. Workers have incurred losses listening to the Union’s words. Workers should not suffer further believing in the words of Unions. We request them not to go to the RTC depots tomorrow and create law and order issues. We also request the workers who are on an illegal strike not to obstruct the temporary drivers and conductors from attending to their duties. CC cameras will be installed at all the RTC Depots and the situation will be monitored. The state government or the RTC Management will not tolerate anyone who breaks the law and order situation and stringent action will be taken against the guilty. The same will be communicated to the High Court also. We once again request the RTC workers and employees to exercise restraint till the Labour Commissioner takes a decision on the matter as suggested by the High Court and the entire process is completed: Sunil Sharma, MD, TSRTC

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