‘Water Bell’ a special bell to keep children healthy

Providing drinking water in schools is not enough. Paediatricians say that children, especially girls, avoid drinking water due to lack of clean and adequate toilet facilities in the schools. This often leads to complaints of mild dehydration and in many cases the urinary infection. Kerala Government takes an initiative to keep school children hydrated throughout the day. Introduces a special interval called ‘Water Bell’ 

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Water Bell will be given to the students every day at a fixed time, the bell will ring thrice a day to keep hydrated. As per the scheme, the water bell will ring thrice a day. The first bell will ring at around 10:35 am, followed by the second bell at noon and the third bell at 2 pm. 

Following in Kerala’s footsteps, the Karnataka government has decided to ensure that government schools ring the bell three times a day as a reminder for children to drink water.

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